This article, Nai Sochi, is property of Emanyeru Kouseitan'i.

Nai Sochi

  • Dead Element
  • Katana

Nai Sochi is the converted form of Diamond Element. After Emanyeru's convert to the darkness, dark energy began to pool into Diamond elements clear body corrupting it. Its new form allows it to also use the darkness at its will along with other elements. The blade itself contains deadly weapons inside of it such as poison barbs that can kill and/or paralyze depending on the swords mood. The blade reflects no light and is unable to be seen in complete darkness. This is perfect for Emanyeru since he likes to turn the entire sky dark some times. Its newest feature is its ability to sense souls even if they're chakra is hidden.

DemonSlayerFantasyKatana 540

Nai Sochi

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