This article, Naiya Sochi, is property of Emanyeru Kouseitan'i.

Naiya Sochi

  • Diamond Elment
  • Spiked chain bladed katana

Naiya Sochi is one of Emanyeru's first blades that he ever created. Using a special form of diamond called Irridiant Adamant Diamond he was able to create a blade of cosmic power and strength. The blade itself is clear and can never be seen, it doesn't reflect sunlight only absorbs it. It turns the absorbed sunlight into power causing the sword to constantly raise its power levels. The original Naiya sochi which was made of the same material was corrupted and turned into Nai Sochi, the Dark Demonic blade. Naiya Sochi is its pure form and mainly uses light and fire attacks though it is capable of use all of the elements including Emanyeru's own diamond.

Ist2 2907500-japanese-hand-made-katana-on-clear-white-background

Naiya Sochi

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