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Seven-Tailed Horned Beetle

Nanabi Colors by genryusai

The Seven-tailed Horned Beetle, as it appears when fully released

七尾のカブトムシ Nanabi no Kabutomushi

Species Kabutomushi
Characteristics Earth Release, Camouflage and Metamorphosis
Jinchūriki (Previous)

Tailed Beast

The Seven-Tailed Horned Beetle (七尾のカブトムシ, Nanabi no Kabutomushi) is a tailed beast that was originally sealed within Fû from Takigakure. It is now sealed in annother Jinchūriki.


The Seven-Tails resembles a blue, armored kabutomushi, with six of its seven tails resembling green insect wings, along with the seventh tail, all growing from the end of its abdomen. It shall be noted that the Nanabi is the tallest of all Bijuu, easily standing ten metres higher than Kyuubi.


The Seven-Tails is depicted as the kindest of all Bijuus. As stated by his Jinchūriki, it is a very silencious and rather pessimistic Bijuu. It often lends Chakra to his Jinchūriki, even when his help is not needed. The Nanabi has a soft, deep and reassuring voice.


The Nanabi no Kabutomushi is, despite his personnality, extremely powerful. He is a very skilled Earth Release user, and can use clay to attack and defend. Nanabi can transform himself in anything if there is clay around, and does not recover his original form, even when injured. He also masters the Camouflage Technique, Jutsu that ressembles Zetsu's Mayfly Technique. The Seven-tail's physical power is also outstanding, as he easily destroyed half of the Konohagakure village with only a swipe of it's enormous tail. When his chakra is manifested through his host, it takes the shape of a greenish Chakra cloak around around the Jinchūriki's body. Nanabi can also travel very long distances in a blink of an eye; it's power being enhanced when he is near clay.


  • It was stated by Fû that Nanabi is the 3rd Bijuu with the most Chakra, the first being Kyuubi and the second being Hachibi.
  • Fû also stated that nanabi is the 7th most powerful Bijuu when there is no clay around.

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