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Nanase Sudachika

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酢橘花七星Sudachika Nanase


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Blood type





Sunagakure's Vanguard Operation

Previous team(s)

Team 14 (Part I)



Home country
70px-Land of Wind Symbol.svg
Land of Wind
Hometown Sunagakure

Ninja Registration


Academy Grad. Age


Chūnin Prom. Age


Jōnin Prom. Age


Hiden Jutsu

Shard Arts


Unnamed Mother

Chakra Nature

Chakra Sensing Technique

Divine Beast Mirror

Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique

Fire Release: Heavenly Ornamental Hairpiece

Fire Release: Lingering Summer Heat

Fire Release: Liquid Fire Technique

Fire Release: Radiant Point

Glass Senbon

Sand-Style Double Cyclone

Sand-Style Rapid Beheading

Shard Arts: Azure Skin

Shard Arts: Detonation

Shart Arts: Mirrored Embodiment of Death

Shard Arts: Shell

Shard Clone Technique

Volley of Glass

Wind Release: Sphere of Influence

Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere

Wind Release: Vacuum Wave

World Ending Conflagration


Dual Tessen


Nanase Stats 1

Nanase Stats 2

Nanase Sudachika (酢橘花七星) is a Jonin-level kunoichi originating from the Land of Wind’s hidden village, Sunagakure. During the beginning of the Part I, she was assigned into Team 14 and would soon develop a strong bond between Nanase and her fellow comrades as time passed by. The connection she possessed was prematurely broken after the events of the Chunin Exams, where Nōsei was designated to be executed by the high officials of Konohagakure. Due to this situation Ozume Fuyutama and Naomi eventually withdrew from Sunagakure for their own personal reasons. In Part II, her skills as a kunoichi dramatically increased compared to her Genin status when she was among Team 14. She was honored by the Kazekage with the opportunity to become her apprentice and the leader of the Sunagakure Vanguard.


In Part I, Nanase is presented to be an attractive young girl with a slender physical build coupled with average height. Her most notable feature is her short pink hair which was originally pure white but was later dyed on a whim while she was in the academy; ultimately deciding to maintain her hair pattern for the remainder of Part I. Her eyes retain a very unique color, described as a combination of both shades of green and blue. She wears gloves that support her grip for using weapons and harnessing a scarf given to her by her grandmother. Her blue shirt possesses dungarees over the top the shorts have pouches on that can hold various items in addition to the kunai and senbon she already owns, and she wears black leggings. Her legs are rolled up of her dungarees because otherwise they obstruct movement.

In Part II, along with Nanase's breathtaking accomplishments of her own advancement through her shinobi skills, Nanase's physical appearance has also changed. Once again, she dyed her hair two different pigments; blonde and brown, a combination that accompanies her main attire. Her short tank top that extends from her shoulders down below her breasts which have also grown in size, along with a pair of long arm warmers matching her yellow cloth fastened by her headband. The remainder of her attire consists of both of fishnet, brown shorts, and black shinobi boots. Occasionally Nanase can be seen displaying her long yellow coat, which contain several rocky like designs.