Naruto: Memories of the forgotten is a Series of Scrolls Playing out the Lives of several Heroes from long ago at the Begining of Civilization. 1 Malinia ago Several Tribes fought for control of the world. Above them all was a great Leader know only by the name of Li. He was the Current Ruler of the world. He whatched many fight. when 7 of the Arena Warriors where defeated by one person Li would Step up and fight. With the Ancient power of Heart Li was bound to win every fight. But soon a warrior with the Power of Lightning Steped up to the Plate... To Be Countinued in Scroll 1: Lightning of the Azrath Clan...

The Scrolls

Scroll One: Lightning of the Azrath Clan- Found by Naruto

Scroll Two: Sand of Destruction- Found by Naruto

Scroll Three: The Unknown- Found by Naruto

Scroll Four: Confrontion- Found by Sasuke

Scroll Five: Fugatives- Found by Sakura

Scroll Six: The Power of Heart- Found by Naruto

Scroll Seven: Brothers- Found by Naruto

Scroll Eight: It's Coming- Found by Sasuke

Scroll Nine: Darkness Rises- Found by Sakura

Scroll Ten: The FInal Battle- Found by Naruto

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