Naruto: The New World Chronicles is an original Naruto series that takes place 300 years after the original events of the Naruto storyline. It chronicles the adventures of 12-year-old ninja-in-training Shichiro Kenji as he adventures to become one of the strongest ninjas in the Land of Fire and possibly the world. However young Kenji has one problem, he must deal with a massive Ten-Tailed-Dragon that was sealed within his body and the troubles that come along with the monster.


The story itself is separated into various volumes and parts known as 'books' or 'volumes' as the story itself is too large to put in on one page. Each book will hold a few chapters or parts. There is currently one book released so far:

  • * Volume One - The Beginning - This book is basically an introduction to the story. This book introduces the main character: Shichiro Kenji and many other characters around the village of * Konohagakure no sato. Also in this book Kenji takes his Genin Exam once more.

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