The story began, when Naruto, unfortunately, held in captivity by Madara in the cave of Akatsuki. The Akatsuki successfully captured the last Jinchuuriki, however, since the Team Hawk eventually discovered a way to put out of sight themselves from Madara, Madara dismisses the organization because he is only living Akatsuki. He sent a warning from Konoha that Naruto is in the process of captivity, if they plan to attack or have no sign of response within three days, then he’ll merciless kill him, however, if Konoha surrender their power, he will surrender Naruto as the reward. Madara’s objective was to complete Gedo Mazo, a statue that use to devour Jinchuuriki chakra from its owner, thus the owner dies after the extraction, and for Madara’s objective, it will be use to destroy Konoha, however if Konoha surrender their power, Naruto is no use to Madara and dominate Konoha. Tsunade is surprised to the warning, thus the authority settles to surrender for the sake of Naruto. The next morning, Madara arrives in Konoha. He and Tsunade confront. Madara knows Konoha is not trusted, thus he tells Tsunade that he signs the contract first before he hands Naruto. For Naruto, Tsunade do so and finally, Naruto is safe, however, Madara becomes the new ruler of Koonha, the Sixth Hokage. The horror of Konoha begins.

A month passed by, the story begins Madara sats on his throne in the Temple of Uchiha that was built for his desire, ordered his servant to give him something to drink. Konoha heard no news from Madara or events outside Konoha, since Konoha is currently idle and currently turned red to its allies. An untold survivor of Uchiha, Kenji returned. He heard the Akatsuki was dismissed and Madara became the ruler of Konoha. The news angered Kenji that Madara is destroying the reputation of Uchiha Clan, thus from now on Akatsuki once again wakes its eye and stands for the new beginning. He and his team journeys around the The Four Great Shinobi, it became four since Fire Country walks away, searching for new members. After the journey, the team obtained twenty members, which is more than the former Akatsuki. He controlled the gathering of the Akatsuki and the primary objective is to kill Madara to maintain the balance of peace, which the Akatsuki, this time, is not against to the Four Great Shinobi Nations and Fire Country as well.

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