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A series set fourteen years after the events of Naruto: Another Road. This series focuses on two major villains, the Kagekenin and Myoken. It reintroduces Ryun Uchiha who is older, has gotten married and had a son. It also shows old faces such as Hikaru "Shadow" Kurosaki, Tora Uchiha, Seireitou Hyuga and Itachi Uchiha who return to conquer even more vicious foes than the previous time. It also introduces some new faces such as, Yuudai Ingeitum and Bid'daum ,to name a few, who help Ryun in his journey to eventually become the Third Yamakage.

Author's Note

Hey everyone, this is User:Ten Tailed Fox here. I had a lot of fun writing Naruto: Another Road, because to me, it was like putting a new face on the Naruto Series, Ryun's face to be exact. Even though as I'm writing this, not all of Another Road's stories are finished yet. I like this series a lot because you jump right into the action and already know who the other characters are. In other words, I don't have to waste my time spending whole stories to introduce every character. Anyways I hope everyone enjoys Naruto: Trials of a Shinobi and be looking out for the following series; Naruto: Armageddon and Naruto: A New Generation, which will be the two final series I write to tell the story of Ryun and his descendants.


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