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Part 1 Plot: Return to the Leaf

Naruto has completed his Jinchuriki training in the Land of Shadows (different than Kagegakure). His master, Hikaru Kurosaki congratulated him on his efforts, and says that he has seen a vision of a cloud of shadows heading toward the Hidden Leaf, but he dismisses it as paranoia. Naruto then begins his long journey to the Hidden Leaf. He arrives in the village to find that Kakashi has become the 6th Hokage. He was chosen by the elders and the Jonin council to become the next Hokage, since Naruto was training with Hikaru. Naruto also notices a small silver haired boy sitting next to Kakashi. He then asks if Kakashi was assigned a mission to look after him, though Kakashi replies saying that the boy is his son, Toshiro. Naruto then asks what kind of woman would want to marry a pervert like him. Then Anko Mitarashi shows up and tells Toshiro should head off to the academy soon. Naruto stares in disbelief, and then realizes that Kakashi and Anko was a pretty possible match up. Naruto then wonders how long he really has been gone.

After Anko and Toshiro left, Naruto asks if he is legitimate to become the 6th Hokage. Kakashi says that he isn't standing down from his position, but he does need another Hokage because of the threat of the new Akatsuki. He sadly replies that Neji Hyuga was the only person other than Naruto that actually fit the position, and that he is to be the next Hokage. Naruto stares in disbelief. He then rushed off to find Neji, but Kakashi comes behind him saying that Naruto can't change what the decision that was made. Naruto then stops and asks if there is a way he can compete for the title of the 6th Hokage. Neji then shows up and agrees to fight Naruto for the title. Naruto, still surprised by Neji showing up suddenly, quickly accepts to fight.

Part 2 Plot: Deja Vu?

Two days later, Kakashi calls for the entire Hidden Leaf to come and see the fight between Naruto and Neji. He then announces that the fight over the title of the 6th Hokage was to begin. When he signaled the fight to begin, Naruto disappeared. Neji activated his Byakugan to find Naruto, only to see that Naruto was standing behind him. Then he suddenly saw a kunai knife with blood on the blade. He then sees that Naruto hit him where he wouldn't bleed profusely, but he was rendered immobile. He then realizes Naruto has become more powerful than he could ever hope to imagine. Naruto is declared the winner in the fight.

Part 3 Plot: Naruto's Arrested?

Kakashi was amazed at how Naruto won so effortlessly. He didn't even see when Naruto disappeared, even with his Sharingan. He also saw that his Chakra aura was emanating white chakra. Kakashi dismissed it as unimportant. He stood up to declare Naruto as the 6th Hokage, but the village elders ordered the ANBU Black Ops to arrest Naruto and slate him for execution. Kakashi asks what were they were thinking, but they told him that Naruto is a danger to the village because of the power he had attained. Kakashi tries to reason with them, but they said that if he even moves to save Naruto, he will be stripped of his title and executed along with Naruto.

Naruto was confused on why he was going to be arrested. He then receives a signal from Kakashi to let them arrest him. Naruto understood what Kakashi was going to do. He then shows no resistance to the ANBU.

Later, in the dark and dank atmosphere of the Leaf Prison, Naruto wondered why he was arrested. But he realized that Kakashi would never want him to be killed, even if he was one of the last Jinchuriki. He then notices a figure casting a shadow in his cell. It was Hinata. She received secret orders from Kakashi to release Naruto. He then asks how he will sneak out, but she says that the warden of the prison destroyed the message saying that Naruto was to be sent to prison, and wished him luck. Hinata opened the door to Naruto's cell and he came out and kissed her. She almost passed out, but Naruto told her they needed to get back to the village.

Part 4 Plot: The New Akatsuki

Meanwhile, in the Land of Rain, Sasuke Uchiha is assembling the Rain, Grass, and Earth ninja to attack Konoha. The Hidden Earth Village was captured by the Akatsuki while Naruto was undergoing his Jinchuriki Training. He meets up with Madara to ask him if the Time or Wood Villages are willing to help in the conquest of the Hidden Leaf. Madara informs him that the Hidden Wood gladly accepts the offer to destroy the Hidden Leaf. They remember that Naruto single-handedly defeated all of their shinobi. Sasuke was not informed on Naruto's success. He remembered that each Jonin and Chunin in the Hidden Wood were at least as powerful as Kakashi with his Sharingan activated, but he never expected Naruto to be that powerful.

Later, he oversees the ninja ready to destroy the Hidden Leaf. He then looks to the clouds and sees a cloud formation that looks like Itachi. He dismisses it as an illusion, yet later that night he had a dream in which Itachi told Sasuke that he should attack the Hidden Leaf, but he tells Sasuke something important about when he attacks. He should not let Madara Get Naruto. Itachi doesn't explain his reason, but he says that it was Sasuke's destiny to destroy a certain ninja.

Part 5 Plot: Assassination of Uchiha! The Truth Revealed

Naruto and Hinata headed back to the Hidden Leaf village. Along the way Hinata told Naruto that the Village Elders thought that Naruto was too dangerous to be kept alive, so they wanted to eliminate him so the Akatsuki would never get their hands on the Nine-Tailed Fox. She also told him that Kakashi found the files on the assassination of the Uchiha clan. The Elders were worried that the Uchiha clan would try to overthrow the village, so they sent Itachi to commit genocide. But the Uchiha were never going to overthrow the village. They were going to try to capture the Nine-Tailed Fox to use against the Akatsuki. Madara wanted the power for himself, so he cast a very complex genjutsu on Itachi, so he would kill the clan, and Madara would try to get the Kyubi's power for himself. All the time the Elder's denied the truth because of the loathing they felt toward the Uchiha. Naruto is angry that the Elders would cause Sasuke this much pain in his life to enjoy their peace. He and Hinata arrive at the village gate only to find that 50 ANBU Black OPS are waiting along with the village elders, Homura Mitokado and Koharu Utane.

Part 6 Plot: The Seal Broken! The Fox Unleashed! And Titles That Yell At You Will Cease!


Kakashi hurried to stop the Elders from trying to kill Naruto. He knew that Naruto would be a great asset to the battle against Sasuke. He also found the true reason why Naruto was sent to Prison

Meanwhile, Naruto asked why the Elders wanted him dead. They told him he was a danger to the village. They found out that Naruto's Jinchuriki training had him weaken Minato Namikaze's seal, and were afraid the Akatsuki would capture the Nine-Tailed Fox. Naruto was taken aback by this comment. He then responded that Hikaru was a Jinchuriki himself, and he helped Naruto to completely control every bit of the Kyubi's power. They denied that no one had the power to control any of the bijuu. Naruto was silent, and then a white aura of Chakra began to envelop him. The Elders were stunned at what he was doing, and ordered him to cease immediately. Hinata was somewhat afraid of what was happening, but Naruto reassured her that she was not in danger. The surge of Chakra was so great that Naruto's jacket was blown off of him. It revealed that the seal had faded from his training. The Elders braced for the worst, and then Naruto did three hand signs that were known in the Ninja world as the three absolute forbidden hand signs. Then Naruto shouted "Ultimate Forbidden Secret Jutsu: Jutsu Seal Removal!" A blinding flash followed, and the ANBU agents took cover from the surge. When everything cleared, Naruto was standing beside Hinata. She opened her eyes and stared at the creature that stood beside Naruto. It was an animal the same size as Akamaru, had snow white fur, and Nine Tails. Then it spoke only 9 words. They were, "Hello, I'm the Nine-Tailed Fox. Where am I?"

Part 7 Plot: Master and Pet

Kakashi arrived to see if the elders had killed Naruto. Instead, he saw the white fox that stood beside Naruto. He then noticed that Naruto had a white aura around him and Hinata. He was about to ask what was going on, but the Elders ordered the ANBU agents to kill Naruto and Hinata. Then the fox jumped in front of Naruto and swatted the agents coming toward them. Kakashi was awestruck at how elegantly the fox moved and how it protected Naruto and Hinata. The elders then appeared behind Naruto and Hinata, and tried to stab Naruto in the back. Kakashi quickly threw two kunai to knock out the ones in the elders hands. Naruto and Hinata jumped away from them when they were free. Naruto then asked why they attacked him when he showed that he could handle the fox's power. They told him that no one could have the power to control a bijuu and that the jutsu that Naruto cast was a facade to fool them. The fox then swatted the elders with its tails, knocking them to the ground. Kakashi ordered the ANBU Black OPS to arrest the elders. The elders cursed Naruto for bringing doom on the village.

Later, Kakashi observed the fox and the seal on Naruto. The seal had disappeared, and the fox was innocently sitting on the ground. Kakashi was impressed at how Naruto was able to absorb all of the demon chakra, and still live. Naruto responded that Hikaru had shown him to release the fox and live. He also told him that this is a one time use technique, so, either he is able to release the fox, or he would have died.

The fox walked over to Hinata and asked her if she was alright. She said that she was unharmed, and asked the fox if it liked or disliked her. The fox was puzzled by the question (and probably so are you), but it said, "Yes." Hinata was relieved from the answer, but the fox asked her why was she wondering why she asked that question. She said she was worried if the fox would hate it if anyone else tried to come near Naruto. The fox said that it wanted Hinata to be near Naruto. Hinata was a little embarrassed from the fox's reply, but gladly accepted it.

Naruto was pleased that the fox got along with Hinata. Then, a Leaf Jonin informed Kakashi that the Hidden Rain, Grass, Sound, Stone, and Cloud Ninja were advancing toward the Leaf. He also received word that Mokugakure was advancing toward the village. Kakashi told him to send a message to the Hidden Sand and Mist villages to come and assist them. He also told him to send messages to the Hidden Shadow, Crystal, Ice, and Light villages to assist them. The Jonin asked which Light village Kakashi was talking about. He replied by saying it was the one in the Lost Lands. The Jonin left and Kakashi told Naruto to get ready to fight.

Part 8 Plot: Naruto vs. Sasuke 3

Sasuke was off on his own toward the Hidden Leaf. He left Madara in charge of the bulk of their forces, while he scouted ahead. He was worried about a message that Itachi gave him in a dream. He said to face Naruto alone. He had not told Madara of what he saw, but he wanted to fight Naruto once again.

Meanwhile, Naruto was ordered to go on his own to challenge Sasuke. His fox decided to follow him in order to give him support. Kakashi was left to be in charge of the Leaf, Shadow, and Light Ninja. Gaara was assisting in the battle, so he was in charge of the Mist, Sand, and Crystal Ninja. The Ice village was a separate platoon setting traps. Naruto was wondering if they even had a chance against the Akatsuki.

He soon stopped to look at a shadowy figure wearing an Uchiha Crest on his cloak. Sasuke smiled and said that this is a battle of the two leaders of the armies. Naruto unleashed the full extent of his chakra, which manifested itself as an aura of white chakra encircling him. He had manifested 2 wings made of chakra, and 9 chakra tails. Sasuke unleashed his chakra to maximum power as well. He also had wings, but they were made of purple chakra, and his hair spiked straight up. Sasuke said for Naruto to do his best. Then Naruto threw 4 chakra shuriken at Sasuke to start the battle.

Part 9 Plot: The 5th Great Ninja War Stories Part 1

This part is different from the others, seeing as the characters give their view of the battle. Enjoy! ^_^

Renji's and Toshiro's view

Kakashi informed his son Toshiro to get all of the academy students and the citizens to the Hokage Rock. Toshiro insisted that he join the battle, but Kakashi didn't want to lose him. He reluctantly agreed and proceeded to herd the people to the Hokage Rock. He got help from his teammate, Renji Sarutobi, to get everyone to the Hokage Rock. He then told Renji that he was going to fight in the battle. Renji knew that Toshiro would be disobeying a direct order from Lord Hokage and would be severely punished. He decided to help Toshiro, knowing he would get in trouble anyway. They rushed out of the village but they stumbled across Zetsu leading some Grass Chunin to the Hidden Leaf. His black side cackled saying that if two snot-nosed Genin were the village's defense, the Hidden Leaf must really be a weak village. His white side ordered the Grass Chunin to swiftly end these little upstarts playing hero. They surrounded Toshiro and Renji, and prepared to throw shuriken at them. Toshiro smiled and silently said, "Shunpo." The next moment, all of the Grass Chunin was either dead or mortally wounded. Zetsu was surprised at their superior strength, and said they would be good little snacks. Toshiro responded by saying that the food was always cooked in Hell, and that he and Renji made a reservation for him. Zetsu cackled once again and charged at the young Genin. Toshiro disappeared and appeared behind Zetsu with a kunai in his hand. He tried to stab Zetsu, but he was shaken off of him. Renji then used his Iron Knuckle Justu and landed a fatal blow to Zetsu. Zetsu became angered at the Genin, and did a series of unrecognizable hand signs, and entered what he called Zetsu's Secret Transformation: Warped Mode. He had 2 Venus flytrap heads, one had a white face, and the other had a black face. He said that he hoped that the Genin would digest slowly and painfully in his stomach. He charged towards them. Renji dodged his attack, but Toshiro was caught in Zetsu's mouth. He struggled to get free but Zetsu swallowed him whole. Renji was horrified and charged at Zetsu, but he was easily brushed aside. Zetsu prepared to consume Renji, but there was a deep rumbling in his stomach. He felt queasy, and he slammed his heads against the trees, and the Hidden Leaf Gate. Renji ran behind the gate, and Zetsu's stomach exploded. Out of it came a Toshiro covered in stomach acid and plant guts. In his hand was a giant amount of sparking Chakra, or the Odama Raikiri. Toshiro brushed of the slime on his arms, and said that his mom would've loved the position he was in. Renji laughed and said that he was right, and then he hit Toshiro. Toshiro angrily asked what that was for. Renji laughed saying that it was for giving him such a big scare.

Sakura's view Part 1

Sakura was silently waiting for some of the Rain and Stone ninja to come through the area she was in. She had set up paper mines and trick paths that would give away when stepped on. She was worried about Naruto and hoped he would be safe against Sasuke. She returned to waiting for her traps to be sprung.

Hinata's view Part 1

Hinata was near Sakura using her Byakugan to see if anyone was coming. She was also worried of Naruto's battle with Sasuke. She was aware of Sakura's feelings toward Naruto, and she would be ok if he married her. But secretly on Shadow Island, Naruto told her everything of what had happened between him and Sasuke. He also told how Sakura felt about him, and his feelings toward Hinata. She was surprised that Naruto loved her as much as he loved Sakura. She was a little jealous of Sakura, but she understood how Naruto and Sakura loved each other very much. She asked Naruto if he would ever marry Sakura. Naruto was confused, but he laughed and said that he loved Sakura as a sister, and she loved him as a brother. Naruto also said that he loved Hinata the most. She was stunned at what he said and almost fainted if Naruto, hadn't caught her and kissed her. She could still remember the smell of Naruto's breath. It smelled like miso ramen. She laughed to herself at the memory, but still remained focused on the trees.

Kakashi's view Part 1

Kakashi oversaw the Chunin and Jonin that were coming from the Hidden Mist. He noticed that the Mizukage had given Kakashi his word that he will do all in his power to defeat the Akatsuki with a powerful ally like the Hidden Leaf at their side. Kakashi also saw that the Shadow, Light, and Sand Ninja. He also received word that the Crystal ninja were securing the village. This was because he heard that Zetsu had attacked the village. He was impressed that his son and Renji had killed Zetsu, though he was going to scold him anyway. He saw the ninja heading toward them, headed by Madara Uchiha. Kakashi was worried as he sensed an ominous wind was forming.

Part 10 Plot: The Battle of Friends

Sasuke slammed into a tree when Naruto hit him with his Rasengan. Naruto was impressed that Sasuke was able to withstand such an attack, and leave without a scratch. Naruto knew he put full force into his attack, and yet Sasuke survived. He said that Sasuke was much stronger than the one he knew 6 years ago. Sasuke said that being a student under Madara Uchiha had him improve many of his abilities. He also said that Naruto couldn't even beat him, even if he could control a bijuu. Naruto smirked, and said that he wasn't going to lose. Sasuke laughed and said that all Naruto will ever be is a pathetic brat hated by the people he is trying to save; a talent less loser who'll never amount to anything. Naruto froze and said that he was more than meets the eye. Sasuke realized that he would soon be in danger. He jumped back and Naruto's power exploded. A great whirlwind, tearing through the trees, and pulverizing rocks, occured. When the smoke cleared, Naruto was floating. He also saw that the white chakra aura was gone. Instead it was compressed to an armor that changed Naruto's orange coat to white. His eyes also turned into the Nine Tailed Fox's eyes. Sasuke was amazed at the power Naruto had gained. He also noticed that Naruto's eyes resembled Ryun Uchiha's Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, but it had 9 tail-like spokes, instead of a 12 pointed star. He asked Naruto, "Is that a...a Sharingan?" Naruto responded, "No. It isn't any ocular jutsu. It's just a gift from the Nine Tailed Fox. He has given me his eyes to see chakra, and chakra points." Sasuke stood in place. He knew that Neji and Hinata had the ability to see chakra points due to their kekkai genkai. He also knew that one of the traits of the Sharingan was to see chakra. He then decided that it was all a facade used to fool him. He said that he thought Naruto was dumb, but not this idiotic. He said that it was impossible to gain the traits of his new eyes without a transplant of someone else's eyes. He then said that he would cut down every last bit of Naruto's power. He took out his sword, and began to charge a Neo Chidori Nagashi, the final attack of the Chidori. Naruto said that he would never back down. The armor around him shattered and was focused in the palm of his hand, which was forming the chakra into a Holy Rasengan. They both leapt toward each other and clashed. The combined power of their attacks was so intense; it seemed that the earth and sky were going to be torn in half. Sasuke tried to get past Naruto's attack, but Naruto broke through his attack, and Sasuke's sword, and landed a devastating blow to him. Sasuke's shirt was shredded off of him, and he crashed into the earth. Naruto also had his coat incinerated from the intense chakra used. They both were flat on the ground from the impact, giving them a death-like appearance. Naruto's fox came over to his master. He tried to wake Naruto up, but to no avail. He began to cry at the loss of his master.

Part 11 Plot: The 5th Great Ninja War Stories Part 2

Sakura's and Hinata's view Part 2

Sakura had successfully trapped some Wood and Rain Chunin heading toward the village. They didn't pose much of a threat to her, and were defeated easily. She told Hinata to see how Naruto was doing. Hinata activated her Byakugan and gasped in shock. Sakura asked her what the problem was. Hinata responded that Naruto was on the brink of death. Sakura was in disbelief, then she said to Hinata to lead the way to them. They left their position and headed toward Naruto.

Kakashi's view Part 2

Kakashi had taken notice of the amount of shinobi that were lost on both sides. He also saw that some Akatsuki Members were heading toward him. He had already defeated many of the shinobi, and he had killed Jugo, one of Sasuke's teammates. He also realized that Anko was fighting against a female Akatsuki agent. He resumed his attack on the opposing side.

Anko's view

Anko was having some difficulty with the Akatsuki agent named Karin. She was working with another one named Suigetsu. Their combined powers actually gave Anko a hard time in the battle. They almost delivered a finishing blow to her, when Toshiro and Renji showed up and knocked them away. Karin was too injured to fight, but Suigetsu got up from the impact. He stared at the two boys for a while, then laughed saying, "How could these shrimps possibly blow away a shark like me? It doesn't make any sense!" He charged at the boys with a high-speed jutsu. Renji was knocked out from the blow and Toshiro was slashed across his arm. Anko stared in disbelief at what Suigetsu did. He cackled and said that the boys shouldn't play hero, and began to stomp on Toshiro. He was stopped in his act by a very angry Anko. She silently said, "Don't you lay a finger on my son, you son of a <insert swear word of your choosing here>!" She then released her curse mark level 2 form and slashed away at Suigetsu until he couldn't breathe. She ran over to Toshiro and held him in her arms. He opened his eyes and said that he was fine and it was embarrassing for her to hug him in the middle of a fight, but Anko told him that was her job as a mother. She called over Ino to heal Toshiro and Renji. With that, she headed back to the fight.

Konan's view

Konan was disappointed that the Ninja from Mokugakure were being so easily defeated. She went to tell Madara of their position. He told her that it was not of her concern. She insisted that they should retreat now, but Madara lost patience with her and killed her. The last thing she remembered was Pain when he was still Nagato, and wished that he would do as he saw right.

Sakura and Hinata's view Part 3

Sakura and Hinata headed toward Naruto hoping he was alright. Hinata said that Madara was heading toward Naruto as well. She also noticed that he would get there before them. Sakura and Hinata then dashed through the trees at speed that would cause them incredible harm in the end, but they were both too worried about Naruto to care.

Part 12 Plot: The Bond of Friendship

Naruto woke up to see that his fox was licking his wounds. He patted his fox on the head and asked if Sasuke was still alive. The fox said that he was sitting on the boulder overlooking the battle. Naruto got up to see that Sasuke was still alive. Sasuke said that he was surprised how Naruto had increased in his power in 5 years. He then is knocked out by Madara. Naruto was shocked that Madara would actually come. Madara sees the fox standing next to Naruto, and is filled with anger. He says that Naruto will pay for taking away the power he worked to get for years. He tried to kill Naruto, but he dodged Madara's attack. Naruto realizes he doesn't have enough chakra to form a Holy Rasengan again. He then receives a message from his dad, Minato Namikaze, to form a Rasengan. Naruto says that the Rasengan doesn't have enough power to defeat Madara. Minato says that Naruto has to trust him. Naruto agrees, and tries to form a Rasengan, but Madara scoffs at his feeble attempt to kill him. Naruto realizes that he is too weak to make a Rasengan. He thinks that he is at his end, but he notices an amount of sparking chakra in his palm. Sasuke had come to form a Chidori in the Rasengan. He said, "I don't think either of us has enough chakra to defeat him on our own, and this'll probably fail, but I'd rather go down fighting than as a corpse." Naruto smiled and said that he will put everything into this final attack. Madara charged at them with a sphere of energy in his palm. Naruto and Sasuke jumped toward Madara with their combined power. Madara tried to tear through their attack, but he failed. They then slammed their attack into Madara yelling simultaneously "Chisengan!!" Madara was blown away to the Sun, cursing Sasuke for betraying him. He incinerated on impact. Naruto and Sasuke fell to the ground, both half-dead. Naruto looked over to Sasuke and said, "We did it." Sasuke nodded in agreement and said that he was happy to fight alongside Naruto again. Naruto smiled and said that he'd do it again. Then they both blacked out.

Part 13 Plot: Heroes Come Back

Sakura and Hinata arrived at where Naruto and Sasuke were. Sakura healed Naruto's wounds, and told his fox to get Naruto on his back. Hinata said that she would take care of the rest, and that Sakura should get back to the battle to heal any wounded. Sakura nods and heads toward the battle. After she left Sasuke woke up and asked if Naruto was alright. Hinata was surprised to see him and asked was he the one who put Naruto in this condition. Sasuke said that the wounds that Sakura healed were caused by Madara Uchiha. He also said that he and Naruto had defeated Madara by blowing him to the sun. Hinata was amazed at his story, and then she asked him why she couldn't see him before. Sasuke said that he cast a genjutsu so Sakura couldn't see him, worried that she would try to kill him. He told Hinata that the reason he showed himself to her is because she was easier to convince. Hinata was a little offended, but Sasuke told her that he would never try to actually kill Naruto. Hinata smiled and said that they should get back to the village.

Pain was disappointed in the way the battle was going. He ordered the ninja to retreat, and declare a truce with Konoha. He knew now that his dream would only bring more war. Just then Kisame showed up saying that Konan was dead. Pain sighed and said that more pain has been added to him.

Kakashi noticed that the ninja were backing off and returning to their villages. He told a Jonin to send word to the Kages involved on their side that the battle was over. He sighed and looked to the clouds. He then noticed a cloud in the shaped of a spiky-haired man, a long haired woman, and their son with a big grin on his face. Kakashi smiled and said to himself, "Minato-sensei, Kushina-dono, you've truly blessed Naruto throughout his life haven't you?" He turned around and headed to the Hidden Leaf.

Sakura and some other ninja from Konoha, and Kagegakure 2 were anxiously waiting for Kakashi. He showed up to tell them that the fight has been settled, and Amegakure has surrendered. Sakura was happy to hear the news. Toshiro asked Kakashi where Naruto was. Kakashi sighed and said that he didn't know. Sakura said that even though she healed him, he might not survive. Toshiro began to sob, but he sensed a familiar chakra. He ran to the gate and saw a white fox with Naruto on his back, leading Hinata to the village. He also noticed that another man was standing next to her. Sakura and Kakashi froze. They knew who that man was. It was Sasuke! Sakura ran to Naruto to see how he was. She smiled and said that he just needs to rest. Sasuke looked at Naruto and said that he had no more reason to be at the village. He began to walk away, but he felt someone try to hold him back. He turned around to see that Sakura had her hand on his shoulder. He said, "I'm leaving to find something I wanted all along. I want to let go of the pain I felt all along. I want to find the place I truly belong." Sakura said that this was his home and he belonged here. Sasuke said that he didn't belong in a place where everyone hated him. Sakura said that she didn't hate him. She was glad that he helped Naruto to defeat Madara once and for all. She also told him that she wasn't mad at him for his past deeds. He looked away for a moment then noticed that Naruto had gotten up. He walked over to Sasuke, and said that his home was always at the Hidden Leaf. Sasuke was shocked at this. He felt that he never belonged, with being the last Uchiha. But Naruto had always known he would come back someday. He smiled and said that he would be glad to come back. Kakashi said that Sasuke also had some unfinished business to take care of. He told Sasuke that the 2 village elders were slated to be executed for the premeditated massacre of the Uchiha Clan. He also told Sasuke that he needed someone to be second in command of the ANBU Black OPS. Sasuke said that he has to atone for his sin before he can take the position Kakashi was offering him. Kakashi smiled and said that he understood. Kakashi then turned to Naruto and said that the title of 6th Hokage was still open if he wanted it. Naruto said that he would be honored to accept the title. He then called Toshiro and Renji over. They wondered what Naruto wanted from them. Naruto said, "You two are the bravest Genin I have ever seen. I can only think of how proud your parents are of you." He closed his eyes, and then he said, "I hereby name Toshiro Hatake, and Renji Sarutobi officially as Chunin." Kakashi was a little surprised. He knew that Naruto was named Hokage, and that he had permission to raise any ninja's rank, but he never expected Naruto to name his son a Chunin. He also thought that Anko would go into a fit about it. Instead, she ran over and hugged Toshiro and congratulated him on his achievement. Renji was also happy of his new rank, but he was a little sad because his mom was gone.

Part 14 Plot: Love and the Conclusion of Our Tale

He remembered that his mom, Kurenai Yuhi, saved the lives of her students at the cost of her life. Anko called Renji over to console him. She had heard the details of the mission Team Kurenai had gone through. Renji almost started to cry, but Anko held him close to herself. He was a little surprised since Anko usually teased him a little, but her sensitive side showed through. She told him that she thought of him as Toshiro's older brother. Renji was amazed that Anko really thought of him as her own child. Toshiro was glad that has mom actually thought of Renji as his older brother. Naruto walked over and told Renji that he heard of what had happened to his mom, and that he was sorry. He told Renji that he knew what it was like to lose a family member at a young age.

After all of those events had passed, Naruto and his fox were walking toward his house when he detected that he was being followed. He turned around, but he saw nothing. He smirked, then said, "Hinata come out, I know you're there." Hinata slowly came from her hiding place. Naruto asked why she was following him. She said that she wanted to spend some time with him. Naruto said that he was just heading to his house to pick up some money to go to Ichiraku Ramen, and he said that she was welcome to come along.

Later after a few bowls of ramen, Naruto and Hinata sat upon the Hokage rock. Naruto said that he was amazed at how so much has changed in his life in the last 7 years. Hinata was also amazed at the different events in her life as well. Naruto then told Hinata that he remembered the events in the Lost Lands, when Hinata helped him on Shadow Island. He told her that she was extremely powerful, and that she was everything he truly wanted in a woman. Hinata was surprised and asked him if he loved Sakura more. Naruto said that Sakura was more of a sister to him than anything else. Hinata was shocked that Naruto was more interested in her than Sakura. She then asked him how he felt about her. Naruto told her to close her eyes first. She did, and then she felt his lips touch hers. She opened her eyes in shock. Naruto said, "That's how I feel about you." Hinata was amazed at his words, and then she wrapped her arms around Naruto and kissed him. Naruto then asked her how her father would react when he found out that he and Hinata were engaged to be married. Her father said that he would be happy. They turned around to see that Hinata's father, Hiashi Hyuga, was standing behind them. He said that Naruto would be the last person he would expect to ask Hinata to marry him. Naruto laughed and said that he would be honored if Hiashi would allow him to marry Hinata. Hiashi said that his daughter being married to the Hokage would bring great honor to the Hyuga clan. Naruto thanked him and Hinata hugged Naruto and her father in joy.

3 days later, Naruto was sworn in as Hokage, and said that he is honored to follow in his fathers steps as Hokage. 1 month later he was standing next to his wife Hinata, and overlooked the Hidden Leaf after it had been reconstructed. He knew that there was a bright future for the Hidden Leaf. Hinata asked him if he was interested in having any kids soon. Naruto was a little shocked, but he told her that it would probably be easier taking care of a child, than signing treaties 24/7. Hinata smiled and said that one would be coming in 9 months. He was a little shocked at first but he was happy at the same time. He kissed Hinata and told her that he can't wait for those months to pass. She responded, "Neither can I."