Welcome to the new Naruto Fanon Awards! This is the awards in which they're represented every year on the second week of March to give out the awards for an year. These awards are to recognize the excellence, the greatness, and sometimes, the worst of it. These includes characters, users, weapons, and jutsus. These kind of awards have now started in 2009. The creator and the manager of these awards is Rasengan888! Your host and award announcer will be Takeshi57!

This is of how it'll work, on the first week of January, the awards will then will be held up. The nominations are then sent into the awards by the various numbers of user. For example, the award for Best Admin. Under the category, you put in what user you want to be as the best admin the Naruto Fanon. In this nominations, you may only nominate one person/character on each award. Also, a person/character cannot be nominated twice. YOU MAY NOMINATE YOUR OWN ARTICLE/ATTACK/CHARACTER/ OR USER. There's a reason of why it's called nominating. When you nominate, you may either leave your name, or prefer yourself anonymous. Then, on the first week of February, the votes are then casted in for the polls. Now, you had be a good and honest person when you vote for the nominated person. You may only vote for one person on each award. Then, on the first week of March, the whole thing is then closed. On the second week of March, the winners for the awards will then be announced and they're userpage, character article, jutsu article will have a template over it saying that it won this award on this year. The templates will be gone after the new year for a new awards.

So then, this will be the area in which it's kind of like the lobby for the awards. Have fun then!

The Awards Nominations and Voting

The Awards Ceremony

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