This is an officail clean up project. As most of you know, Naruto Fanon has long since falled from it's glory days. The goal is the bring Naruto Fanon back up from the dead. New policies and rules will be enacted. This is the overall plan of the new clean up.


The clean up will be completed by a long process of multiple steps. The first step is to catergorize every article as "Articles to be cleaned up", or "Articles marked as clear." These two categories will be closely monitered. The deleation process will not begin until every artice has been categorized. However, if an article is far to disorganized or overpowering, it will be tagged and the user will be notified. This is going to be a very strict process that will be watched by the admins here on the wikia. Once the deleation process has been compleated, then a new plan will be enacted. This step is maintaining the wikia, such as watching recent changes, and informing new users of the rules of the wikia. This is a double edged sword however. I do not intend to bombarde new users with so many rules that they don't stick around. This is why NF needs to look more inviting. The home page could be more inviting, but these are all details for a later project. The main goal is that the wikia is maintained, and that it is watched.

Rules for the Clean up

As with all projects, there are certian rules. There are:

  1. No singling out any one user. There are exception however.
  2. No deleating any article on the spot, or tagging for deleation unless it meets certian requirements. These are:
  • It has no content
  • It is against the writing policy of the wikia
  • It is overpowering
  • It is breaking several rules of Naruto Fanon

     3. No favors. No holding back on any one user, if it is not up to par, categorize it

Sign Up

If you are interested in signing up on this project, please sign up in the space below.


As of 10/11/10

  • Articles marked as Clear : 108
  • Articles to be cleaned up: 18
  • Total: 154
  • Total Left: 5,241

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