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"Will you do it? Will you do whatever it takes? To find your and protect someone close to you? To search for that one person to the edge of the abyss? To protect others even if it cost you your own life? To kill and avenge the ones who took the person close to you even if it cost your life? Is this your destiny....or your destruction? Only you can choose the path you take..... "
— Tagline to Naruto: Kizuna

Naruto Kizuna (Maelstrom - Bonds) takes place five years after the adventures of Naruto Uzumaki. This story will be going alongside Naruto Raijū: The Beginning and Naruto Raiju: Endgame for timeline reasons.

After the beginning of the Fifth Great Shinobi War, Ryu couldnt stay and wait, hoping that Ryu's brother Leon, would come back home for his little brother. He couldnt take just training and trying to get stronger. Ryu knew that nothing would happen if he just waited around staying in Konoha. So Ryu Uchiha and Inyuhasha Yama left Konoha to meet up with other shinobi not just from Konoha but from all around the Six Great Nations. Its a small group of ninjas, but it is just enough for them to hold off on there own. Each shinobi has a goal, a personal mission that they are so driven to complete. Whether it may be to protect, to kill, to avenge, to search they will do it, and so will the others ninjas help each other to complete that goal. But mainly these goals seem to be connected to an S-Ranked Organization that have plans they have yet to be revealed. Ryu Uchiha is the only one who has crossed though these members. He knows 3 members. One of them being his father and the other his brother. There Destiny Awaits......


Ryu Story Arcs

  • Path of Destiny Arc

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