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This article, Naruto Omega: The Fanon Series, is property of Seireitou.

This article, Naruto Omega: The Fanon Series, is property of Minkai, the Legendary Drunk.

This is the series of Seireitou, Haizo, and their friends. Since this is a fanon story, please put your own ideas here, but of course, there are rules.


  • No character can marry
  • No altering their jutsu list at all
  • No character can die (of mine, if you want your character to die, go right ahead)
  • (Not really a rule) Try to use my characters in the way that ive written them, what i mean is make them act like their personality, if i didnt make the page for them, make it up, but dont mess with their articles

My Stories

The stories I wrote, feel free to look and use as references

Your Stories

Put your stories below in this section:

Characters of Mine for Usage

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