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This article, Naruto Omega: The Modern Times, is property of Seireitou.

This article, Naruto Omega: The Modern Times, is property of Minkai, the Legendary Drunk.

Naruto Omega: The Modern Times takes place 1000 years after the even ts of Naruto Delta Omega. Seireitou, Haizo and Minkai have all become gods and have become detached from the living world. Suzaku, now being immortal, becomes the new Sekennousama. Many decendants of the main characters have been born and live in the modern time. Guns have been introduced as a use of weaponry. The official name given to this series is Naruto Omega Beta.

Seireitou Hyuga

Seireitou, allowing his son to rule as Sekennousama, he has detached himself from the world and lives in the Kitsune Realm, still living with Tsunade (Age: 1160 (50 though KyuubiTaishou)), who becomes the Goddess of Healing and Seireitou becomes the God of the Kitsune and Earth (The place, not element). In the future, seireitou has surpassed all others and his power is so great, that he lives in the Celestial Realm and uses other forms of himself because his power can easily shatter a universe simply by his presense. It is for this reason that, he is in his normal form only when in the Celestial Realm. He is worshipped as the main god, well, after the GOD.

Haizo Hyuga

  • Age: 1132 (23 through Saitatsu)
  • Rank: God

Haizo has detached himself from the world and lives as the king of Heaven, with Rokudou Sennin as his assistant. He becomes the king of the dragons and heaven while Tsuneide (Age: 1131 (31 though Saitatsu)), his wife becomes Goddess of the Uchiha. He also has a descendant living in the human world with no idea of his ancestor Haizo. Hitatsu is still with Haizo.

Minkai Zokatakei

Minkai has become detached from the world and lives with his wife Kenai (Age: 1135 (20 though Soul Edge)) in Hell as the God of Hell and Demons and Kenai becomes Goddess of Hell. He also has a descendant living in the human world with no idea of his ancestor Minkai.

Suzaku Hyuga

  • Age: 1111 (21 through KyuubiTaishou)
  • Rank: 2nd Sekennousama

Suzaku takes his father's place as the Sekennousama and has a child with a unknown girl who never knew that Suzaku was himself, he was disguised. As such, over 1000 years later, his descendant has no idea that his ancestors are the rulers of the world.

Kira Zokatakei

  • Age: 25
  • Rank: leader of the renewed Zokatakei Clan

Kira is the decendant of Minkai Zokatakei, the founder of the new Zokatakei Clan. He posseses Izanami, the sacred clan sword, said to be weilded by the clan founder.(Minkai)

Rao Senyuga

  • Age: 24
  • Rank:preistess

Haizo Hyuga's great (X10) grand-daughter and the head preistess of the Five Great Nations.

Senna Kurosaki

  • Age: 14(when she meets Hikaru), 26 currently
  • Rank: none known

Senna is Hikaru's descendant. It is unknown of her position, but she seems to be as strong as Hikaru. She uses a Shadow Blade called Urufutsume. Even though Hikaru is her ancestor, she refers to him as her father, seeing as her adoptive parents got rid of her.

Hikaru "Shadow" Kurosaki

  • Age: 1135 (when he meets Senna), 1147 currently (27 through Ten Tails Chakra)
  • Rank: 2nd Rosutorikujou Sennin

Hikaru is still alive after all this time. He lives in Mission City in the Shadow Province. He mostly spends his time on the Internet, or training on Shadow Island. He also visits his "daughter", Senna.

Echo Uchiha

  • Age: Ageless
  • Rank:Grim Reaper

Echo has discovered that due to his demonic properties he cannot age past the age of 21. He is the self-appointed Grim Reaper, choosing to kill all who he deems ready to move to the afterlife. His mastery of demonic power has ascended so far he never uses any jutsu to prevent the Apocalypse. Also, he is the praised as the god of evil by a group of cultists who wear black robes and torture daily.

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