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This is the tale of Takeshi Tetsuo and all of his friends he meets along the way.

This story "fuses" with Naruto Omega Beta: The "Shadow" Chronicles and Naruto Omega Beta: Tales of the Heros.

The story so far

It has been more than 1000 years and Takeshi wanders throughout the world. Takeshi travels to Konoha and learns of the lost lands and how it's been 1000 years since anybody has been recorded going there. He then decides to travel there to see what's going on. Upon arrival, he finds that the lost lands are being ruled by tyrants and finds a rebellion trying to stop them.


Part 1: Reintro and Ice arc

Part 2: Sword arc

Part 3: Criminal arc

Part 4: Twilight arc

Part 5: Survival and King arc

Coming Soon...

Part 6: Twilight King arc

More to come

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