This article, Naruto Omega Beta: Tales of Teru, is property of Teru Kagami.

This is the tale of Teru Kagami and Takeo Kagami's past and present.

This story follows up on one of Takeshi57's used character Teru from Naruto Omega Beta: Aisuhigure and a new character Takeo Teru's brother.

Story so far

It has been 1000 years and Takeo a bored but skilled child wishes for a baby brother eventually he gets one named Teru and all seems well until Takeo and Teru's parent's are killed by an unknown force having lots of questions Takeo searches the world and those questions are finally answered. Later Teru gets into a fight with Takeshi and finds some answers of his own.


Part 1:Takeo and Ryuuk

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