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These are the tales of Senna Kurosaki and the many characters she meets along the way.

Some of these stories are linked with Naruto Omega Beta: Tales of the Heros.

Story so Far

1000 years later, the great ninja once known in the 6 Great Nations, Lost Lands, and the other nations have been long since forgotten. The main area in these stories is the Lost Lands. What has happened is that the Lost Lands are being ruled by 2 tyrants who killed Senna’s parents, her father being a direct descendant of Hikaru, and seized the positions for themselves.

Senna’s life in Kagegakure 2

Kagegakure 2 has changed into a technologically advanced city, but the streets are filled with the Shadow Police Force, officers hired by the government to eliminate Senna. They want to make sure that Hikaru’s descendants are taken down from power. Senna is usually left alone, seeing as the officers don’t have enough information to find her. She meets many new people, along with some of the older characters like Hikaru Kurosaki, Echo Uchiha, and the other Yonkou of past and present.


Part 1: Reintro and Demon Arc

Part 2: Shadow Blade Arc

Part 3: Tournament Arc

Part 4: Fugitive Arc

Part 5: Liberation of Narita

Part 6: Total Government Overthrow Arc

Part 7: Bardock Arc

‘’’NOTE:’’’ As to not ruin the plot, This stories shall be posted after the others are finished.

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