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Naruto Raijū (鳴戸雷獣, Maelstrom Thunderbolt Beast) is a two part series that contains Part IV and Part X of the Naruto series. It's primary protagonists are Ryun Mazuka and Riyan Uchiha, with each having thier own storyline until the end of Part IV, where they meet for the first time. Riyan also doubles as a dynamic antagonist in Part X.


The story is one centered on family. At the start of Ryun's part in Part IV, he roams the lands looking for his kidnapped cousin, whom both his clan and his village refuse to rescue. For Riyan, it is a journey of vengeance on the ones who murdered his brother in cold blood. Eventually, their worlds collide and the Fifth Great War kicks off with a bang.


  • Naruto Raijū: The Beginning - Part IV
    • Summary: The world is on the brink of Fifth Great Shinobi War. Konoha, Yamagakure, and Sunagakure are feuding with Kirigakure, Iwagakure and Kumogakure due to a disagreement on a new development: the Land of Mountains, where Yamagakure originates, has become the Sixth Great Nation and on top of that, it has come into possession of an artificially made Ten-Tailed Demon Fox. After many years of peace, the bloody Mist Village has returned under it's Seventh Mizukage. The nations struggle to gather armies and each nation attempts to manufacture Jinchuriki out of the Tailed Beasts that were set free when Naruto destroyed Akatsuki twenty years prior. Out of the rubble comes the series two protagonists Ryun Mazuka; a member of the famous Mazuka Clan in Yamagakure. He dreams of protecting his loved ones is the force that unknowingly thrusts him onto the world stage, not to mention his discovery that he himself is the current host of the Four-Tailed Giant Monkey, and Riyan Uchiha; a young man looking for revenge from events that brought about the end of the Third Great Shinobi War as well as the new Jinchuriki of the Eight-Tailed Giant Ox. With Akatsuki rising again, and the mysterious Hanmadang also about their own affairs, how will Ryun and Riyan solve the problem, that it seems not even Naruto could.
  • Naruto Raijū: Endgame - Part X
    • Summary: Riyan Uchiha and Tsukiakari have become the primary antagonists. In the midst of the Fifth Great Shinobi War, Naruto, the Seventh Hokage, and Ryun's Koukon have gathered allies to go after Riyan and Sasuke, to bring them back once and for all. In this story line, Riyan's family issues will finally be put to rest. Will this be the end of the Yonkō? And will the long bloodstained Uchiha clan finally be redeemed?

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