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【MAD】Sasuke Shippuuden OP - HEKIREKI00:00

【MAD】Sasuke Shippuuden OP - HEKIREKI

The fist opening for Endgame.

Naruto Raijū: Endgame (鳴戸雷獣: 寄せ, Naruto Raijū: Yose; lit, Maelstrom Thunderbolt Beast: Endgame) is Part VI of Naruto and the sequel to Naruto Raijū: The Beginning, taking place a year after. Riyan Uchiha and Tsukiakari have become the primary antagonists. In the midst of the Fifth Great Shinobi War, Naruto, the Seventh Hokage, and Ryun's Koukon have gathered allies to go after Riyan and Sasuke, to bring them back once and for all. In this story line, Riyan's family issues will finally be put to rest. Will this be the end of the Yonkō? And will the long bloodstained Uchiha clan finally be redeemed?


  • Riyan: "So, we all have met on the field of battle once more...Echo, Hikaru, and you...Seireitou."
  • Hikaru: " it's come down to this? Feh.."
  • Echo: "To think you would fall so this is the taint of the Uchiha.."
  • Seireitou: " may have crossed the line..but you're still our comrade, see the light already!"
  • Riyan: *eyes covered by his hair* "The light you and I see are different. From this day forward, we are the Legendary Four no longer..."


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