(*note: Robot Chicken: Animated is NOT officially affiliated with Cartoon Network, Adult Swim or Robot Chicken.  It is simply a non-profit, just for laughs, Youtube company.)

Robot Chicken: Animated's first episode will be an episode poking fun at the Naruto universe.


The series is created by Zachary Potter and Scott Hamilton, two huge fans of both Robot Chicken and Naruto.  With the episode, written by Zachary Potter, Zachary and Scott tried not to leave any character out.  Everyone is used in some sort of skit.


  • Opening Skit=Typical Robot Chicken opening except with Hidan (as the chicken) and Kakuzu (as the scientist.)
  • Sasuke Meets the Jonas Brothers=Info in title.
  • Akatsuki Robe=The turth about the Akatsuki robes, poor Itachi.
  • Choji Pinball=Funny take on Choji's Human Boulder.
  • Cute Rock Lee=Does anyone like him now?
  • Haku Music=Zabuza shows his lighter side.
  • TOBI!!!!=A certain popular saying makes the cut.
  • Naruto Strip Club=Very disturbing skit, enough said.
  • Oro-Hitler=Adolf Orochimaru
  • Shikamaru vs. Naruto=Anyone ever wonder why Shikamaru never turned a SHADOW clone?
  • Playboy Kakashi=Kakashi heaven.
  • Kiba's Chance=This is a good one, no summary for you!
  • Sandcastle Competition=Gaara's one bright spot of his childhood.
  • Orochimaru Music=Kabuto shows his lighter side
  • Naruto Meets Goku=Like meeting an older version of yourself.
  • Temari's Fan=Kankuro and Gaara can be really annoying when they want to be.
  • Oro-Star Wars=The ages old parody of Empire Strikes Back.
  • Pain Dresses=More truth about the Akatsuki's robes
  • Rock Lee Target=Tenten really doesn't like Rock Lee does she?
  • Naruto Flashback=Why Naruto seems to have some mental issues, explained!
  • Deidara Music=Tobi shows his lighter side.
  • Choji's Revenge=Choji gets revenge for the pinball sketch.
  • Byakugan=Neji being a typical guy with an all seing eye.
  • Naruto Yo Momma Fight=Purely Hilarious!
  • Buffet=Tsunade, Jiraiya and Shizune experience a very disturbing lunch.
  • Kakashi versus Kisame=When Kakashi's dogs don't relly work well.
  • Can You Bug Shino?=Shino on a game show!
  • Konohamaru Ninja Squad=They bite off more than they can chew.
  • Hokage Round Table=The Hokages watch Tsunade's progress.
  • That Guy=Might Guy's ambition is faltering.
  • Naruto Big Brother=Parody of CBS's Big Brother.
  • Hinata's Dream=Hinata finally scores with Naruto...or not.
  • Revenge of the Nerdy Ninja=Parody of the Revenge of the Nerds ending.
  • In Memoriam=Remembering all of the lost Naruto Characters  and a few surprises.


The episode is currently in production.  As soon as it is posted on Youtube the link will be posted here. Thanks!-Zachary Potter.

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