Naruto Tachiagari is a Naruto Fanon series which takes place approximately ten years after the Fourth Great Shinobi War in which the Great Five Shinobi Countries gained victory over Uchiha Madara who combated the nations using the Tailed Beast, great chakra monsters with enormous power. However as with the past Great Shinobi Wars the economy of the villages hit an all time low after the war which eventually caused all of the villages to fall. The surviving ninja scattered and began to work for the remaining countries as mercenaries of war while others banded under their clans and did missions for villages and other nations throughout the continent.

Part 0

The first part of the series details the chronicles of the now wandering ninja: Kawahiro Ryota and his travels through what was left of the Fire Country. Ryota was the last surviving shinobi of the once destroyed Konoha and his primary goal was to restore his village to its former splendor. He wanders through the Fire Country, teaching the shinobi arts as he goes along the Fire Country. The stories about Kawahiro Ryota's adventures make up Part 0 of the series.

Stories in Part 0:

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