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This page is solely for the purpose of recording every RP and story that takes place in the canon of Naruto Tensei.

Naruto Tensei

【MAD】 Naruto Shippuuden OP- Nokori Kaze00:00

【MAD】 Naruto Shippuuden OP- Nokori Kaze

Naruto Tensei's first opening, Nokori Kaze. It runs from the Introduction through the Nine-Tails Emergence arc.


Chapter Number Chapter Name Location of Chapter Status
1. Embarking: The Winds of New Beginnings Blow Land of Rain Completed

Nine-Tails Emergence arc

Chapter Number Chapter Name Location of Chapter Status
2. Destructive Ambition: Maikun Yatsumaru vs Koga Tensei Land of Fire Completed
3. Battle for the Title - Koga vs. Jūjika! Konohagakure Completed
4. Konoha Preps for Battle! A Sparing Match Like No Other! Konohagakure In progress

Other Media

These are stories that take place in the future or past of the series, and is still canon to the series.

Konoha-Yatsumaru War

This war is a direct result of Koga's battle with Maikun Yatsumaru.

Chapter Number Chapter Name Location of Chapter Status
1 Sunshine after the Storm Konohagakure In progress

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