Natsuhi is the mother of Sumaru and the wife of Hotarubi.

Natsuhi, one of the "survivors" of the star training.


Natsuhi and Hotarubi had both completed the star training. They stole the star, after seen the side effects of the training and got caught by the Hoshikage and his ANBU. In exchange for getting the star back, the Third Hoshikage promised to stop the star training. Later on, she stole the star again, and Akahoshi took her son Sumaru as a bait. She retried the star, then tried to steal it once again later after Akahoshi forced her to give up the star. She fell for a trap laid by Akahoshi and was hit by kunais thrown by Akahoshi when trying to destroy the star. Akahoshi then inplanted the star in his chest. Naruto Uzumaki fought Akahoshi and destroyed the star in the battle. As she died, Natsuhi performed a technique that allowed her chakra to take the form of her ghost.

Natsuhi's "ghost" returned to the village with her son, where she trained him and two other genin, Hokuto and Mizura, forming Hoshigakure's, at the time, only ninja squad.




  • Shadow Clone Jutsu
  • Ninja Art: Kujaku
    • Ninja Art: Kujaku: Wings
    • Ninja Art: Kujaku: Destroy

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