Natsuhito Lake (夏非と 沼, Summer Condemning Lake) is a remote area about 4 days from Kumogakure. It is the homeplace to the Bulls and a major training area for Darui. Here he mastered the techniques of the sword and his signature Storm Release. The current leader of Natsuhito is the Great Elder Bull and is co-lead by the Sage Bull known as Kagayaki.


A lush and fertile area of tree's, bushes and other plantlife in the dead center lies an enourmous lake. Sprouting from the middle of the lake lies a huge purple tree where the Elders stay. The waters are always calm and at the bottoms of them, a vivid blue sand lines it. There is a secluded training area where Darui has shown to fight spirits of former Bull Sage's whom have judged him a worthy shinobi. Here, he fully mastered the combination of Water and Lightning into Storm.

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