Negakure (村ルーツに隠された, Negakure no Sato; Literally meaning "The Village Hidden in the roots") is the Hidden Ninja Village of the Land of Grass.


After the Third Great Shinobi World War, the Land of Grass was recognized as an independant nation. The Daimyo of the Land of Grass, Rindou Sebone, soon realized that her country needed a proper military force to protect itself and began making plans for the construction of a Hidden Ninja Village. After many years of searching, Rindou found a suitable location for the construction of the village and sent her hired carpenters and contractors to begin construction. While Rindou's construction team was actually building the town, Rindou was neogiating with the three clans of shinobi that resided within her country. After three years of harsh neogiation with the three ninja clans, Rindou managed convince the clans to move to the recently finished village and settle down there as well.

The Hidden VIllage was named Negakure no Sato becuase it was built in a enormous cavern hidden underneath a giant Maidenhair Tree.



The village head (里長, sato-osa) is the highest-ranking, and the most powerful, shinobi of Negakure and the administrative and military leader and main representative of the village as well. Although Negakure has a village head, the actual day-to-day governing is shared with various councillors and top-ranking shinobi. When the position for village head becomes open, whether because of the previous village head's death or incapacitation, the councilors of th village promptly begin to search for a replacement. After a shinobi or kunoichi has been appointed by the council it is up to the Daimyo and the jonin of the village to decide whether the positon will become offical. Before a student of the Ninja Academy can become a genin, he or she must successfully preform the three basic techniques, pass a written tests based on the Shinobi code of conduct, and pass a test created by his or her jounin sensei.

Like many other Hidden Ninja Villages, to become a chunin, gennin from Negakure participate in the biannual chunin exams. Another way for a Genin to be promoted is during a time of war by either the VIllage Head or the Daimyo of the Land of Grass.

A chunin is considered to become a jonin when a chunin can use up to two types of Elemental Chakra, knows how to dispell Genjutsu, and above-average Taijutsu. Another way for a Chunin to be promoted into a Jounin is during a time of war by either the Village Head or the Daimyo of the Land of Grass.


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  • The Naruto fanbook gives Negakure a population size of three out of five stars, a milatary strength of four out of five stars, and an economic strength of three out of five stars.

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