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Name: Ninja Art: Compass Barrier

Type: rank c-a, supplementary

Handseals: rooster, boar, dog, snake, ox, dragon, horse

Users: force eight chunnin and higher

Description: This jutsu creates a barrier of solidified chakra that is drawn from the user, and The amount of chakra dispensed affects the strength of the barrier. The reason the jutsu is called the compass barrier is because the type and size of the barrier is controlled by the user. The size goes in units of degrees, and each degree takes a minimum amount of chakra, 1 being the lowest and 360 being the highest. The first 120 barriers are mostly sized, normal blocking shields, ranging in strength and size from the size of a sword to a wall that has the strength of a mountainside. The degrees from 121 to 240 are mostly effect barriers, causing things to happen to the attacker on top of stopping the attack. These of course take more chakra than the lower ones. The degrees from 241 to 360 are the most powerful, some can even be used for attack and not just defense, and the healing barriers are grouped in this section. The final barrier is known to discouraged from use, as it has such a vacuum of chakra that lower level ninja would collapse from the use, if not die.

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