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Ninja Jesters or Clown-nin are ninja who specialize in deception, tricks, genjutsu, laughter and comical jutsu. A good example of jutsu that are second-nature to most Clown-nin are the Unending line of Ninjutsu. Being a Clown-nin is tough occupation due to their nature. All clown-nin require a high degree of intelligence as well as a natural affinity for Genjutsu. Clown-nin are famous for the large number of Hiden Jutsu known only to their cast.

All Ninja Jesters much like ANBU adorn masks on their face though,unlike ANBU masks which resemble cats and animals mostly, jester masks could resemble anything from clown faces to the behind of a donkey. The basic Ninja Jester uniform consists of a black shirt with a black pant with both of them covered with white dots though this not compulsary for the Tatsujin Okedokemono rank. However, all Tatsujin are required to wear a specially designed hat of sorts to display their rank and authority. All ninja jesters also wear bands that display the symbol of the Village of Laughter as a sign of alliagence.

Apparently, to become a clown-nin, an outsider must travel to a place known as the Village of Laughter. Though the country this village is located is known, the Land of Deception, the actual location of the village is unknown as the Land is so hard to navigate and known clown-nin do not dare reveal its true location. The process of finding the village is only neccessary for those born in another country. Any initiate born in the Village of Laughter merely needs to enroll in the Clown-nin Academy of Laughter and Deception.The only way for an outsider to access the Village is by randomly wandering the Land until the initiate manages to find the village or the Lord of Laughs deems them worthy enough that he grants them entrance, though this is a case that has happened only to a few.

There are ninja ranks for clown-nin just like traditional ninja have. These are :-

  • Shiniri Odokemono (しんいりおどけもの, literally meaning initiate fool)
  • Eidatsu Odokemono (えいだつおどけもの, literally meaning rising fool)
  • Kyoudai Odokemono (きょうだいおどけもの, literally meaning mighty fool)
  • Tatsujin Odokemono (たつじんおどけもの, literally meaning master fool)
  • Lord of Laughs (笑いのリーダー, similar to Kage)

Clown-nin have a variety of weapons at their disposal though this is not fixed and differs from person to person. Most clown-nin however are equipped with smoke bombs, tear gas, various ninja pills, etc.

Most Ninja Jesters are affiliated with the Land of Water as their homeland, the Land of Deception is an island located within the Land of Water's general territory. However, all Ninja Jesters are alligned to the Village of Laughter as their first priority.

List of known Ninja Jester

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