This article, Ninpou: Harumagedon Doragon, is property of Emanyeru Kouseitan'i.

Ninpou: Harumagedon Doragon - Ninja Art: Armageddon Dragon

  • Rank:S
  • Range:Far (0-2km)
  • Blast Radius: Farther (0-4km)
  • Users: Emanyeru Kouseitan'i
  • Requirements: Elemental Mastery
  • Chakra Cost: Depends on user.

The user begins this jutsu by collecting and taming a large amount of elemental energy in their body. They then release this energy in controlled amounts into the air where it forms into a large mass of chakra. Then as the fight goes on the user begins to make small sequences of handsigns that match the jutsu's handseals. These can be added on to other jutsu's to confuse the opponent over time. To activate the jutsu the user forms the last sequence of handseals before directing the chakra into the shape of a dragon. IT then materializes into the air making the opponent think it appeared from out of thin air.

The user then uses a chakra pointer to direct the attack to its destination where it collides at the speed of over 350 miles per hour making it extremely hard to dodge even with the use of a supplementary jutsu. The resulting explosion would match the force of several trinity atomic bombs. This will flatten, tear through, and utterly demolish anything within the blast radius. Its best to use this jutsu on a cliff above the opponent(s) because even the user can be killed by this jutsu.

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