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  • Nishimura (西村)
  • Village: Kirigakure
  • Country: 'Water


The Nishimura clan is one of the oldest ninja clans of the Hidden Mist Village. It is most well known for its top-notch swordsmen, making them rivals of the Ketsueki Clan, a clan equally well known for its excellent swordsmen. The two clans rarely get along, but manage to work together well on the battlefield against threats to Kirigakure. The main difference between the two clans is weapon of choice. The Ketsueki clan wields katana, while the Nishimura clan prefers dao. Despite the rivalry, most Nishimura clansmen are not against using swords forged by Ketsueki. This is because the latter clan is considered the foremost in swordsmithing, where as the Nishimura clan focuses solely on wielding.

Sword Arts

There are two styles to the Nishimura sword art. The main style is the regular one sword art. All Nishimura ninja are taught this style starting at a young age. Nishimura train with real swords and little armor at the beginning, with the belief that those who fail to block or dodge should be punished. Any Nishimura who cannot learn this art successfully are thrown out of the clan, no questions asked.

The second art is the Nishimura Twin Dao style. This style is taught only to those who have advanced to an exceptional degree in the one sword style. Nishimura need to be skilled to use this effectively as the style is awkward to those used to using one dao. The style uses one normal dao and one dao created with Sword of Water. Naturally, this means that those of the clan who are not born of the Water Element are unable to learn this technique, although it is feasible that if someone managed to create a new elemental sword technique they could just easily use that in place of the water sword.


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