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Land of Rock



The Fourth Shujin (四代目主人; Yondaime Shujin), his real naming being Nori, was the leader of Soragakure. Nori was the direct descendant of the First Shujin, a precedent that has been continued since the creation of the village.

Personality and traits

When seen, the Fourth is often stroking his pointed beard, regardless of the occasion. He has a highly responsible sense of being, since the Fourth comes from a line of shujins. Nori has a queer liking to kites, and is often seen at the village's annual Kite Festival.

The proud type, Nori does not take insults well, and would reprimand whoever speaks foul of him as quickly as possible. His hot temper is said, by his peers, to be his greatest flaw.

Powers and abilities

The Fourth has a pact with the tiger summons, which resemble our world's siberian tigers. He is capable of summoning and controlling the head tiger, Toratenno. As a master of concealment jutsu, namely the Camouflage Concealment Technique, Nori can be difficult to locate for even specialized trackers such as dogs or eye techniques. Combined with the Body Flicker Technique and his natural speed, Nori is a major threat in battle.

Skilled in the art of the blade, the Fourth is considered the best in the village when it comes to sheer kenjutsu. He has been seen using the Dance of the Crescent Moon, utilizing the village's personal style. Nori's greatest strength is in the field of taijutsu and weaponry, with an affinity to the wind element..

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