• Name: Oath to Order
    • Other names: Oath to Order
  • Element: None
  • Rank: None
  • Range: Depends on individual
  • Type: Depends on individual, usually Defensive
  • Field: Combat
  • Classification: Jutsu
  • Weakness: N/A
  • Requirements: Musical instrument
  • Chakra Used: None
  • Hand Seals: None
  • Appears: N/A
  • Users: Anyone

Oath to Order is a Jutsu that summons one's own personal animal spirit guardian, known as an Oath to aid one in battle.

How to Summon

The user must have a musical instrument to use the Jutsu. Once a specific song is played on the instrument, an animal in the form of a white spectral spirit will appear around the user. This animal specter is known as the Oath.

Oath Forms

The Oath is your own personal animal spirit guardian. It takes the form of an animal, though the animal it takes the form of is no indication of it's power. A rabbit Oath will be just as powerful as a tiger or wolf Oath. And the animal the Oath takes the form of is of no indication of the user's personality. A very feminine girl could summon a lion Oath, while a "tough guy" could summon a mouse Oath.


Usually, an Oath, once summoned, with negate the effects of extremely powerful Jutsu. However, Oaths tend to have different abilities depending on the user. These abilities can be quite diverse, but normally are not used for attacking. Oaths are peaceful spirits with the purpose of protecting their master. However, it is said that those with wicked hearts shy away from the shining light of an Oath.


This is a tale spun by a seer long ago. The tale has been passed down through the generations of Namigakure.

"And so with her Oath summoned at her side, the wicked demon recoiled in pain. The light it emit was so bright that a creature that dwells in darkness found it blinding. With the light of the Oath stunning the wicked demon, Tuari jumped forward and embedded her blade in its head. And thus was the end of The Beast of the Seventh Path." -- Nicodamus the Seer, 'The Tale of Tuari the Blade Tamer'


Akira Kaname

  • Oath Animal: Hawk
  • Effect: Unknown
  • Instrument: Ocarina

Scarr Eromalc

  • Oath Animal: Weasel
  • Effect: Unknown
  • Instrument: Flute/Fife/Piccolo

Ean Eromalc

  • Oath Animal: Irish elk
  • Effect: Unknown
  • Instrument: Drums

Tuari Fire

  • Oath Animal: Lizard
  • Effect: Unknown
  • Instrument: Harmonica

Matsu Sonokuma

  • Oath Animal: Bear
  • Effect: Unknown
  • Instrument:

Fukumaden Uchiha

  • Oath Animal: Hawk-sized crow
  • Effect: Shared Sight
  • Instrument: Violin

(Jutsu created by Cyberweasel89, but is encouraged to be used by others)

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