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Ocular Mirror Technique
Kanji 瞳鏡術
Rōmaji Dōkikan no Jutsu
English TV Ocular Mirror Technique
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game
Class Defensive
Hand seals Tiger
Derived jutsu

By amplifying the chakra within the eyes, the wielder will gain the ability to reflect back Genjutsu onto the user. When using the technique, the users eyes will glow a light blue and their chakra will as well. If a genjutsu is casted towards the target, the technique will activate and flip it back on the caster. It is a powerful and skilled Genjutsu that takes years of precise chakra control to master. It was eventually scripted into the Sharingan by members from long ago, though any dojutsu user can learn it. Only a few known ninja who are skilled in Genjutsu currently have mastered it.