Full Name and Kanji
Current Rank Jonin
Previous Rank Chunin
Age 22
Birthday Octtober 13
Height 5 ft, 5 inches
Weight 110
Gender Male
Race Human
Village of Origin Kumogakure
Nature Manipulation Types Fire and Lighting
Kekkai Genkai None
Affilitations Kumogakure,Konohagakure
Family Heiyabushi Clan
Titles Black Flash
Teachers Unknown

This article, Ohotake, is property of GohanRULEZ.

Ohotake is a Jonin from Kumogakure.


His past is unknown.


Ohotake has blonde hair and white eyes He also has a scar over his right eye. His skin tone is a light tan. Both of his hands are bandaged,the reason behind it is known. He wears a mask over his mouth,much like Kakashi Hakate. He wear a yellow cloak with black flames at the bottom of them. He has dark red pants and akatsuki style boots,as well as a light blue shirt. He also appears to be blind,however it is known if this is true or not.


While his full abilities have not been seen,it has been said that he is very skilled with Fire and Lighting releases. He is also very skilled with a sword or any bladed weapons.


He appear to be very serious. It has been stated that he can be very ruthless and cold. He lacks any sense of humor or concept of fun and believes that if one does or cannot finished their mission,they do not deserve to live. He also believes that friends mealy get in the way of a mission and has no close friends.

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