• Name: One Tailed Style: Great Sand Creation (Ichibi Kata: Kosuna Soushi)
  • Type- Wind/Earth/Sand
  • Hand Seals- Boar, Snake, Ox, Boar
  • Users- Rikudou Sennin, Pain (presumed), Keigai Honrui

A technique that was developed by Rikudou Sennin, that is a direct relevance to the Ichibi. It involves bending together the minerals in the surronding area to build large structures. Many years before, when Rikudou Sennin first seperated the Ten-Tailed Beast, he wanted to make an area to hide the Ichibi. He found a small tribe located in a flat rock area. He bended its shape into a large sand oasis. He named this area, the Land of Wind.


The Original Leader of the Tribe, Shodai Kazekage


  • The Shodai Kazekage was the original Leader of the Tribe and the first Host of the Shukaku

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