Basic Information

Name: Oni no Kuni

Other Name(s): Land of Demons, Demon Country

Information: This country is fairly well known and has stood for a long time, the country currently has no Daimyo.


This country is currently in the leadership of a priestess.


This country does not possess a Hidden Village within it, but does have Ninja that serve under Shion, They are used mainly to defend. Most Oni Ninja rival Jonin-Level ninja of Hidden Villages in abilities. Most carry the ability to control and summon demons.


The countries ninja does not specialize is a specific element so the country and it's ninja possess numerous different elemental jutsu.


This country is currently in alliance with Konohagakure. They often hire their ninja for defensive purposes.


It's possible the country's enemy could be Otogakure since they share an alliance with Konohagakure, but this is not yet known.

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