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The Oroshi clan (颪 閥 , menaing clan of the wind which blows from mountains) are a clan of Ninja whom specialise in Jutsu revolving arround the wind release nature of Chakra. Stationed out side Sunagakure near the clans wind shrine, located in the Land of Wind they are for hire, mostly by the current Kazekage for jobs or tasks that only they are capable of due to their rare nature release. It is common costom to become and train as a shinobi for hire within the clan, and as such have become prosperous over the years. The clan itself is somewhat small, being only arround 50 families at any one time. The clan has one known Kekkei Genkai, a Dojutsu called the Jikannogan, eyes with the pupil in a pentagram shape able to slightly distort the flow of time and space though in a very limited sense. The Jikannogan is only present in one child every generation on the clan. One member of the clan, Tenshoku Oroshi has succesfully fused the Wind Release and the Lightning Release to form the Light Release.


Before the foundation of the Oroshi clan, there was a nameless clan whom was later dubbed the oroshi clan. It was done so by a strong shinobi over one hundred years ago named Anemone Oroshi. She was said to preach the way of the ninja in self defence only and often defended helpless villeges. She fell in love with a man from a village she had defended from attack of an enemy village, and started a family, which forced her to stop her role as an active clan leader, though she took on many students and passed on her ideals to the consecutive generations. She was adept in wind release and taught her students the same. She discoverd the wind shrine in her youth, a place sacred to the now, oroshi clan for being the place in which thier clan was founded.

Finder Unit

The clan has had little defections during its existence, though there have been cases in which a member did leave the clan, most often in search for greater power as the clan teaches a peaceful reigeme, or for other reasons. There is a special secret unit of clan members who capture and kill (if nessisary) those who have defected to keep the secrets of thier clan known to as few enemies as possible. This unit is called the finder unit. The rest of the clan members are unaware of this unit other than the current clan leader himself.

Known Members

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