This article, Outer Path: Judgment, is a jutsu only to be used by User:Ten Tailed Fox.

Outer Path: Judgment

Outer Path: Judgment (外のパス:判断, Gedō rihi) is the strongest move of Ryun's Aruku path. With it, the Aruku path can create a dragon-like chakra and spew it from his mouth. Upon contact with the chakra, the victim's memories are transferred to Ryun and wiped from the victim's mind. However, the chakra moves very slow, so it is easy to dodge. The Aruku path will usually cover it up with a bluff to distract the victim to ensure the jutsu hits.

The second ability the Outer Path: Judgment possesses is the ability to repair other paths. It could do so by entering the path's mouth and infusing it with Ryun's chakra, and then, after some time, the damaged path would emerge, completely restored and healed. This, however, costs immense amounts of chakra to use and therefore is used sparingly.

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