The Pantheon of Kami is a group of holy spirits, gods, and goddesses dedicated to protecting the world. They each have a role to play in the great cycle of life. No living being could ever hope to defeat any of them. The only one who was ever beaten was Zukia Tojiro. Members:

  • Kamisama (Ruler of the Pantheon and Lord of Space)
  • Tiaman-hime(Creator of All, including Kamisama)
  • Ha (Lady of Good Souls in the Afterlife)
  • God of Hell (Lord and Punisher of Evil Souls in the Afterlife; the only being that can truly stop the Bijuu entirely)
  • Wiliame Fyre (While not a true god, his spirit has become holy due to his creation of the faith in "The Will of Fire")
  • Rokudou Sennin, possibly the god that resided over the human realm with Zukia Tojiro
  • Zukia Tojiro, possibly the god that resided over the human realm along with Rokudou Sennin (along with his many forms)
  • Shinigami-sama (The God of Death)
  • Gaeaato (Lady of Nature)


  • Jashin (Once the God of War, he was banished for promoting cannibalism and over-killing)
  • Jenova (Lady of Time; banished due to creating the catalyst that caused Pain's birth)

Demi- Gods:

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