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Paralysis Seal
Kanji 麻痺シール
Rōmaji Mahi Fuuin
Literal English Paralysis Seal
Appears in Fanon
Classification Fuinjutsu
Rank B-rank
Class Supplementary

The Paralysis Seal is a B-rank, Supplementary Fuinjutsu technique that is used by Sekishu Ginryuushijin. The user writes a seal on a scroll, or somthing comparable to a scroll, but the seal itself is a trap. As soon as a person looks upon this seal, the technique activates and sends the target into paralysis. This technique's weakness is that the paralysis can only hold for a short period of time and so long as the target is looking at the seal; If the seal is removed from the target's line of sigh, then the paralysis is broken; If a certain amount of time passes, the seal itself will collapse and release the target.

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