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Particle Release: Nihilistic Shadow
Kanji 助辞遁過去罪科
Rōmaji Joton: Kako no Tsumitoga
Literal English Particle Release: Guilt of Crimes
Viz manga Particle Release: Nihilistic Shadow
English TV Particle Release: Haunting of Past Atrocities
Appears in Fanon
Classification Ninjutsu, Particle Release
Rank A-rank
Class Offensive
Range Short-range
Hand seals Rooster → Dog → Snake → Tiger → Dragon

This is Josho's primary technique when using his Third Ring. It alters the particles at the heart of all matter, changing them into antimatter. This automatically eliminates whatever it comes into contact to, if left unchecked. Josho, however, can modify and refine this antimatter, allowing him to create polar opposites of specific objects. His most common use is to make mirror images of opponents, which eliminate them on contact. These can also spew versions of the opponents' attacks, though only at the same time at the opponent, so as to cancel both techniques out.

This jutsu may also be used to create mirror images of objects, which nullify each other. If this is used on an object, then, when the two are destroyed, whatever the opponent, or indeed anyone besides Josho, associated with that object, from the thoughts it brought up to the feelings it incited, is destroyed, wracking the person's mental health. If the two objects never touch, than Josho may use the anti-object to manipulate the opponent's feelings. For example, a beloved heirloom that the opponent cherished, in anti-form, would cause hatred, and unbalance the opponent's sanity.

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