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Particle Release: Triple Separation
Kanji 助辞遁解剖されて
Rōmaji Joton: Kaibō Sarete
Literal English Particle Release: Dissection of Being
Viz manga Particle Release: Separation of Threefold Essence
English TV Particle Release: Triple Separation
Other Nāmarūpa
Appears in Fanon
Classification Ninjutsu, Particle Release
Rank S-rank
Class Offensive
Range Long-range
Hand seals Rooster → Dragon → Rat → Ox → Snake → Tiger → Monkey → Dragon

Josho refers to this as his pièce de résistance, his most powerful and dangerous technique. It has also been called the pinnacle of Particle Release, Josho's kekkei genkai. It manipulates the force holding the very cornerstones of the dimension together, pulling them slightly apart, and pulling those of another dimension through the gap. In short, it manipulates the boundaries of dimensions.

This technique's most common use gives it its name, for it separates the three primary components of the human essence; mind, body, and soul. It splits the target's mind, body and soul into three separate dimensions. Their body goes to a original dimension where Josho destroys it easily, the mind to one where Josho is destroyed, and the soul remains in the same dimension, where the battle continues. The cost of this technique is that the same happens to Josho, with his soul meeting with the opponent's body, his body with their mind, and his mind with their soul. He has, however, developed a way around this disadvantage. He has discovered his "self", a fourth component, and forces this to regenerate from his soul, allowing him to, in his entirety, reside in a dimension where he defeats his opponent.

Josho can also separate different people into different dimensions, an effective sealing method. When doing this, he can later merge them back together, creating an anomaly wherein the people reside in the same dimension, and are affected by the same events, but never encounter the other in any form again.

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