This article, Pentagon Trap: Lightning Blade, is property of Rasengan888.

  • Name: Pentagon Trap: Lightning Blade
  • Type: S-Rank, Offensive
  • User: Otonami Sokudo

This jutsu is only used as a last resort. This jutsu can only be used after Lightning Blade: Single Slash was used as a diversion for the chakra ropes. You use Shadow Clone Jutsu again to make five clones, and with the limit of your chakra, you use Lightning Blade for each clone and yourself. Then, with incredible speed, all of the clones and yourself uses Lightning Blade: Single Slash at the same time and same rate. The damage is destructive and the ground cracks to create a pentagon around the opponent. The opponent has no chance of surviving, and is immediately dead. Otonami is immediately faints from going to his limit. Right now, he's able to use two and still remain after his chakra supply has rose.

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