The Forgotten Phantom

Forgotten Phantom is a legendary Assassin of the Night Realm. At only 19 he is known to be past kage level. Mastering the bymysteriomia at only 9 he is the known as the most talented of all Khayuza clan members. Another name he goes by is the silent assassin of the night. Mainly because you can't hear him coming. The phantom can kill an enemy within six seconds or less. A record in the art of assassination. Phantom went on every mission and came back untouched. The only thing that's known is that the defeated the Phantom Fortress with the assist of Black Widow. He also traveled to dune to aide Nocturnal Khayuza in conquering the sand god. The Phantom has the strongest of the bloodline running through him. The Phantom has a unique style of ice fighting because he has nitrogen ice particles in his bloodstream. This makes him feared by many and besides that he can use the Kotoamatsukami Bymysteriomia on another level. He also doesn't get enough sleep due to his main purpose and killing. The Phantom Killed every clan including his own but doesn't remember any of it. He was forced to flee and he did between realms. In the woods he notices an arouton anbu squad attacking a female. He interferes to her aide and notices its the legendary Black widow an heiress to the night realm. together they travel and became friends for what will be an lifetime. After rejoining with Nocturnal from his survival in the spirit realm, they make a move. The Phantom Fortress
The phantom

phantom during the assassination of the phantom king

The Phantom once told Nocturnal he will take over the Fortress and now was the time to do it. As Black Widow uses the blood mist illusion The Phantom Finds the King and kills him. their he assumes the throne as Leader. The Forming of the Assassini The Phantom meets up with Night-Hawk a warrior from the Noble realm and a friend from the bloody wars. As the hold a conference in the Chamber of Sight, Nocturnal is appointed emperor. The Agreement is done and The Assassini is almost complete. All s we need now is her. Currently The Phantom is 20yrs old. He is about to begin his search. Attire

The Phantom wears all black but metallic as well as Nocturnal. He has a medium high cut. He carries Two swords and his mask is always there but no face.

Phantom's mask

Techniques illusion: hidden night, ultimate darkness Bymysterioma: 1000 icepicks of death, ice tsunami, ice whirlpool of death, grand ice snake blizzard, underworld icepicks of death, ice Taurus charge, wolf mouth blizzard, roaming wolves, Venus plant iceball, internal freeze, internal water breakout, ice oceans grasp crushing realm creation phantom world, time control instant teleportation



Kotoamatsukami Bymysteriomia Eye: black phantom, judgment eruption , freezing black hole, black Triton, Andromeda strain, Okeano's, time control
Phantom kings death

the crows in the back were turned in to assassin stars to bring down the floating phantom king

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