Jutsu Name: Planet Shift

Jutsu Type: S-Rank, Short to Middle Range, Offensive

Users: Amegaado Tsuchi Odayaka

Hand Seals: Dragon, Ox, Hare, Tiger, Boar, Ram, Bird, Monkey, Dragon, Tiger, Snake, Bird, Horse, Dragon

This jutsu appears as a large globe of cosmic power around the target, with orbs and stars in it. Chakra shifts around it freely, and depending on which chakra goes where, and how much of the target's chakra ends in a spot, the effects are different. This jutsu is unique in that it does not affect the target in conventional ways. Each star represents a chakra, and an emotion, as well as damage to the target. For instance, a blue star represents Water chakra, memory, among other emotions, and buffets the target with freezing liquid. The target's chakra levels are changed, their emotions are shifted about, and they are subjected to many different kinds of damage. All the chakra and emotions taken are channeled into the largest orb, where they form a clone of the target, the exact opposite of what they now are. The user's, out of hatred for the traits of the clone, will invariably attack them, and will further deplete their own chakra, as well as be damaged more, by the two personalities tearing away at each other. If the target survives, the effects of the jutsu on their chakra and personality wear off shortly, but many do not survive.

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