This article, Plasma Release (Ten Tailed Fox), is property of Ten Tailed Fox.

Plasma Release (ゲントン, Genton), the “Element of the Sun” as it is referred to- it is a potent mix of Fire then Wind chakra that allows one to create a substance that has the brightness and burning power of the sun. Burns from this type of jutsu are extremely painful and are not wholly healable for people who are lucky, or unlucky enough to survive an assault by users of this formidable element. It is rumored that this element is the end result of the Uchiha Bloodline’s abilities in chakra formation but that rumor is to date unconfirmed. This element is weak against Water and Lightning type chakra, but strong against Earth chakra.

It is later revealed that after many long years as a kage, Ryun Uchiha, managed to be the second Uchiha to mix together Fire and Wind chakra in order to create plasma. It is a Kekkai Genkai unique to him. However, it is now known that Kagami Uchiha also knew how to use Genton.

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