Platnium Leg
Name Platnium Leg
Users Jay Wong
Martial Artist Focus Legs and Feet

The reason why this is called the Platnium Leg is becaus this technique is very powerful abd can worth allot. This technique is a form of Taekwondo.


  • Collier (首肉(コリエ), Neck)/Collier Coup (Trachea Turnover): Another kick to the neck but this time Jay Wong does it whilst still on the ground.
  • Collier Shoot (首肉(コリエ)シュート, Neck Shoot)/Collier Coup (Trachea Turnover Surprise): Jay Wong jumps high into the air and lands a powerful kick to the opponent's neck. "Collier" is the French term for neck meat.

Diable Jambe

Diable Jambe
Name Diable Jambe
Users Jay Wong
Martial Artist Focus Legs and Feet
  • Diable Jambe (悪魔風脚(ディアブルジャンブ, Devil's Leg): In this technique, Jay Wong spins rapidly, causing his legs to heat up so much that they turn red.
  • Premier Haché (一流挽き肉(プルミエールアッシ, First-Rate Mincemeat): Jay Wong does a running jump and kicks with both legs into an opponent's stomach, but Diable Jambe's heat greatly increases the power. Unfortunately, it missed.
  • Flambage Shot (画竜点睛(フランバージュ)ショット, Flaming Shot): In the air (sometimes several feet from the ground), Jay Wong kicks the side of an opponent's head with his foot (or the middle of their torso) and Diable Jambe's heat greatly increases the power, usually with explosive effect. The target is usually kicked downwards, causing them to come crashing into the ground.

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