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Poison Release: Immersed Blade
Kanji 毒遁: 沈埋ブレード
Rōmaji Dokuton: Shinshi Ken no jutsu
Literal English Poison Release: Immersed Blade Technique
English TV Poison Style: Immersed Blade jutsu
Appears in Fanon
Classification Ninjutsu
Rank D-rank
Class Supplementary
Range Short-range
Hand seals Snake → Horse → Rooster → Boar

The Poison Release: Immersed Blade Technique is a D-ranked Ninjutsu technique that can only be used by members of the Gekidoku Clan. After the user preforms the nessesary hand-seals, the user will immerse his/her blade with Dokuton chakra. As a result the chakra will turn into the user's poison of choice and infect the user's opponent upon contact with his/her open wounds. Unlike normal dipping, this technique allows the user's blade to hide any evidence of poison and is more efficient.