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Pole Star

The Pole Star.

The Pole Star (棒星, Bōhoshi) is mysterious star created through a Chibaku Tensei. Since its creation as a method to seal Myoken, the star seems to move around the galaxy and every thousand years, passes by the earth.


The star was originally created when Hamura Ōtsutsuki, with the help of his brother, sealed Myoken away using a Chibaku Tensei. It was then hurled into space in hopes that it would never return. The star later passed by the planet once more, centuries later, allowing Myoken's descendants to break the seal on him and thus destroy the star. The star was later recreated when Seireitou Hyūga and Ryun Uchiha combined their might to seal Myoken's chakraless body within a Chibaku Tensei once again.

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