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This article, Power Levels of The Naruto Omega Series, is property of Seireitou.

This will show the power levels of the characters of Naruto Omega, Naruto Omega Shippuden and Naruto Delta Omega in order as the series follows.

Naruto Omega

Formation of Squad 13 and the Search for Seireitou

Haizo Arrestment

  • Haizo Hyuga - 150,000,000; 220,000,000 (Saitatsu - Shikai)
  • Tsuneide Uchiha - 150,000,000
  • Alex Nara - 129,000,000
  • Naito Inuzuka - 128,000,000
  • Hiuyshi Yamanaka - 128,500,000
  • Seireitou Hyuga - 230,000,000 (Not Full); 450,000,000 (Full Shikai)
  • Shibu Rame - 130,000,000; 150,000,000 (Curse Mark); 190,000,000 (Lv.2)
  • Heather - 170,000,000; 200,000,000 (Curse Mark); 230,000,000 (Lv.2)

Chunin Exams

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