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Prankster Technique
Name: Trickster Justu
Rank: C-Rank
Type: Supplemenatry
Hand Seals: Bear (special hand sign Kushina created)
Range: All Ranges
Inventor: Kushina Uzumaki
User(s): Kushina Uzumaki
Parent Jutsu:
Derived Jutsu:

A jutsu Kushina created as child to play with the other kids, Kushina will create hazy clones to confuse the opponent, thinking they're in a genjutsu. When the targets try to cancel the genjutsu, the resulting chakra disruption will cause the clones to explode, resulting in either flour, whip cream, or jelly (varies) to spew all over the target. Kushina amplified this technique to the point of actually using the hazy clones to explode in a knock-out chakra blast.

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